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Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a fullstack developer & ready to help your partners connect with your products.


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Let's talk - code, new opportunities, or Game of Thrones fan theories!

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Howdy! I am a Full Stack Developer for Mobile App Hero. I use React Native to build mobile applications for clients. I subscribe to Agile methodologies, and believe firmly in Test Driven Development. Prior to this, I was a client manager for tech companies, and have tons of experience working with clients, coming up with project timelines, requirements, and efficient solutions for new initiatives. Above all else, my biggest strength is positivity and dedication to overcome whatever obstacles might be facing myself or my team.


Dev Skills

I build and style my own interactive and responsive web apps from scratch. I am extremely proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I am familiar with SASS and LESS, and have used Bootstrap as well. For user log-in, I use Passport.js as an authentication framework and bcrypt for password hashing. For full-stack apps, I’m a fan of writing modular JS components in ES6 using React as a front-end framework and Redux to manage state.

I build fully functioning RESTful API's that can preform CRUD operations, as well as consistent authentication. I am most comfortable with Node.js alongside Express as far as my server-side programming. I have used both npm as well as yarn, depending on the project. I keep my data in JSON, as it works seamlessly with my JavaScript heavy applications. I use Mongoose and MongoDB to create my databases and data scheme. I deploy with Heroku, as well as Netlify, and handle all of my testing through Travis CI.

While I am new to the development world, I have lots of experience creating logos and elements with Photoshop. I am incredibly proficient in creating layouts with InDesign, and have worked with Illustrator in the past. In my day to day, I use Slack to communicate with my teams and my clients. I also have lots of experience in project management systems such as JIRA and Trello. During my bootcamp, I also received the Google Analytics IQ certification.



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